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A proactive engagement with history is a political choice. Argentineans have been forced to learn that building history daily demands revisiting the past. They call it memory. They talk about not allowing for certain things to be repeated. They say: Nunca más (never again).

Disappear is my personal attempt to exercise the memory of something that I did not live but that is embedded in my body. Disappear is an attempt to relate in a proactive way with the history I inherited. Because Argentinean history is my history. Because it is a part of my present, of what brought my present to be what it is. Because the only way I know to relate to my history is to talk about it.

I want to claim the space of my work as a space for thinking about politics, from an uninformed perspective, starting from my own ignorance and lacks.

I want to produce an event in which people meet with the excuse of talking about disappearances. An event in which people discuss their history with the excuse of meeting.


Project Disappear

An ongoing artistic frame of work, developed by choreographer Pablo Fontdevila, which consists in engaging with the same questions by using the same starting point in different creative processes, each in a different context – the creation of diverse choreographies (in a broad sense) in collaboration with different artists. The space to continue researching and deepening in specific areas of interest: the word Disappear, the relation between the personal and the political. Engaging repeatedly with the same problem. Starting all over again. And again.

The strategy: to ask the same questions in different cities, with different collaborators, diversifying rehearsal strategies, letting the processes be affected by their surroundings, drawing from each other’s experiences and personal histories, investigating mechanisms of sharing (e.g., revisiting movement material by teaching it to new performers), displacing the choreographic/theatrical materials (to other cities, to other bodies). And, specially, reflecting constantly on the work, constantly in dialogue with other people and with oneself.