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notes to the studio presentations in Amsterdam, november 2010

The project started from experiencing a strong emotional impact from the news and texts related to the subject of the forced disappearance of people, in Argentina, during the dictatorship of 1976-1983. In the last 2 years, the subject and its present day ramifications became more and more fascinating, fed by the current discussion in Argentina about the reasons and legitimacy of revisiting the past, of discussing the state terrorism practiced between 1976 and 1983. One of the most representative aspects is a shift in public opinion, from viewing it as a military dictatorship to a civic-military dictatorship.
Fascinated by the subject and moved by the testimonies, I started thinking about how I as a contemporary subject relate to history. Feeling the necessity to investigate and exercise this through my work, it became a question about how contemporary bodies relate to historical bodies.
From a diversity of sources (including descriptions and testimonies, recordings, architectural sketches, video images) we opted for 2 series of photographs. We proposed concrete strategies to start sourcing movement material from the documents, as a way to interface with history. We were confronted with problems: we were relating to bodies that are not there (William) and to spaces where we have never been (Ingrid).
The focus fell then on the contemporary processes of our own bodies as performers and spectators. In order to relate to history we needed to stay in contact with our present: our processes of sensing, remembering and imagining, a movement that goes from what’s closer to us to the distance of what’s past and foreign.
Within the choreographic, the interest lies in dealing with these body processes and with the affects they can create in between performers and audience. We are busy with persistence, with resonance, with traces.